Living with tinnitus can be challenging, and if you suffer from hearing loss as well, it can be even more difficult. Tinnitus is a condition in which you hear sounds not caused by any external source. This commonly manifests as ringing, buzzing, hissing, or other sounds in the ear. While tinnitus is not a life-threatening condition, it can be a significant source of distress, with around 20% of people experiencing anxiety, depression, or other emotional difficulties related to their symptoms. Fortunately, wearing hearing aids can help alleviate or even eliminate your tinnitus symptoms.

In recent years, hearing aid technology has advanced and is now better than ever. Today’s devices can be customized to suit any individual’s hearing needs and offer connectivity options with smart devices, all while boasting various styles and sizes. Hearing aids collect sounds from the environment and process them into clear, distinct signals transmitted to the brain. When you have hearing loss, your brain is not receiving enough information about sounds in your environment. This lack of information can cause your brain to become overactive and create sounds that are not truly there, resulting in tinnitus. 

By wearing hearing aids, you can give your brain the essential information it needs to process sounds correctly. Hearing aids amplify and clarify sounds, making it easier for your brain to distinguish between sounds and reduce the need to create sounds that aren’t there. This can help reduce or eliminate tinnitus symptoms for many people. Over time, most people find that wearing hearing aids helps connect the dots and retrain the brain to focus on real sound, which eventually minimizes or resolves tinnitus.

Hearing aids can help you remain connected to those around you and help you achieve a better quality of life by assisting you in hearing and understanding speech more clearly. This can help reduce stress and anxiety, often linked to tinnitus. 

Although they are a game-changer for many people struggling with tinnitus and hearing loss, hearing aids may not work for everyone with tinnitus. There are different types and causes of tinnitus, and some individuals may require additional treatment or management options. We encourage you to reach out to an audiologist or ear specialist if you are experiencing persistent tinnitus or hearing loss — there is relief available!